Electroknit Dymaxion

Electroknit Dymaxion

Electroknit Dymaxion is an installation that includes a 20-sided polyhedron made of wood. The machine-knitted interior maps the global textile patterns to their geo-spacial origin. Users can navigate a visualization of the transcribed patterns in a 360° augmented reality. The form represents Fuller’s utopian vision of the dymaxion map. This 2-D map visualizes continents as a singular land mass, folding into a 3-D globe described as “Spaceship Earth”. An AR interface pins motifs to their origin. The patterns are recorded from century old notebooks, manuscripts, vintage craft magazines, knitting machine handbooks, all accessed through Boston based libraries and archives, with a few patterns downloaded as PDFs from the far corners of the internet.

The interior was made by Cat Mazza with the 5-person collective Lattice20 (Nia Duong, Maria Gonzalez, Remy Hunter, Erica Imoisi, Tony Pierre), all of whom located and then transcribed numerous patterns pixel by pixel, clipping the into a punch-card read by a Electroknit knitting machine.

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This project was made possible by Now & There, and developed by Mazza as part of the 2019 Accelerator program.