Electroknit Series

Electroknit Series No. One

Hand and machine knit cotton
12 x 16 inches each

The Electroknit Series No. One are machine knitted textile compositions based on global textile patterns that spread virally in a pre-digital era. Patterns circulated from generation to generation through grid notebooks, manuscripts, needlecraft magazines and by transcribing designs from textile objects. These grid based motifs continue to circulate globally as a decorative language with pre-industrial roots. Sometimes patterns are identical even though they are made in remote locations on different continents. The patterns sampled in the Electroknit Series span from an early printed pattern book from the year 1523 to contemporary patterns made with knitPro in 2015. Artwork commissioned by Franklin Street Works for the exhibition Artists Make Spaces.

On view

2015 Sep - Jan 3 (2016) Initial Conditions: Artists Make Spaces, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT
2017 Feb 2 - Mar 11, Boston, Golden Threads Gallery, Belfast, Ireland
2017 Sept 15 - Nov 3, Crafting the Grid, Salisbury University Art Galleries, Salisbury, MD