Nike Blanket Petition


Nike Blanket Petition

From 2003-2008, a diverse group of international knit and crochet hobbyists participated in the microRevolt project-- the Nike Blanket Petition, a 15-foot wide handmade blanket of the Nike swoosh. Each 4 x 4 inch square creates the Nike logo, acting as a signature for fair labor policies for Nike garment workers. Over the five-year period, "anti-sweatshop" squares were stitched into the quilt, representing people petitioning from over 30 countries.

Squares accumulated from microRevolt workshops and exhibition tours, though many were donated from global knitting circles by post-mail. Volunteers who made multiple squares later acquired "signatures" by web form. The border was stitched together at Garanti Gallery in Istanbul in November 2007 next to a Nike store, and the quilt was finalized in Troy, New York in 2008.

The second half of this video about the microRevolt projects documents the five-year production of this artwork.

Select Exhibitions

2018 Jun 1 - 31 Making Change: The Art and Craft of Activism, Museum of Design Atlanta, GA
2017 Sept 15 - Nov 3, Cat Mazza: Crafting the Grid, Salisbury University Art Galleries, Salisbury, MD
2017 Jan 28 - Feb 26 Hacking / Modding / Remixing As Feminist Protest, Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
2016 Jun 21 - Dec 31 Exposition Rebelles, musée Bargoin, Ville de Clermont-Ferrand, France
2015 Oct 31 - Feb 14 (2016) Disobedient Objects (traveling), Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia
2014 Jul 26 - Feb 1, (2015) Disobedient Objects, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom
2010 Jan 26 - Jun 26 Gestures of Resistance, Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, OR
2009 Sep 25 - Jan (2010) She Will Always Be Younger Than Us, Art Gallery of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
2009 Feb 11 - Sept 7 She Will Always Be Younger Than Us, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, Canada
2007 Sep - Oct Hackers and Haute Couture Heretics, Garanti Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2007 Mar 30 - May 6 Gender Stitchery, Carleton College, Northfield, MN
2006 Jan - May Blind Spot, Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee, Scotland
2004 Oct Political Textiles, Three Walls, Chicago, IL